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Azure RMS Templates #5, Helpful Tips

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This is the last part of Azure RMS Templates articles series where I have described how to get Azure RMS templates working. This part contains several good-to-know tips on Azure RMS.

TIP #1

If I log in to my Office 365 as Global Administrator, I click services, Rights Management and then Manage, Additional Configuration I get “We were unable to find any subscriptions associated with your account“. What should I do?

It means that you haven’t linked your Office 365 with Microsoft Azure. To fix this go to Azure RMS Templates #2, Subscription Scenarios and:

  1. If you don’t have Azure AD, create trial one by following Scenario A: I need Office 365 and Microsoft Azure trials, STEP 2 SUBSCRIBING MICROSOFT AZURE TRIAL,
  2. If you have your Azure AD subscription, follow Scenario B: I already have both Office 365 and Microsoft Azure but they are separated.

TIP #2

You tried to add another Azure AD tenant, but there is no “Use Existing Directory” option.

This happened because you are logged as an Administrator (Service Administrator or Co-Administrator) of that Azure AD tenant you have created with your Azure subscription. So once you are logged in with so called Organizational Account your “Use Exisiting Directory” option is missing. You need some account that is independent to (in other words: hasn’t been created in) Azure Tenants. This account that can be used is any Microsoft Account (formely known as Windows Live ID). So to have “Use Exisitng Directory” option enabled, follow these steps:


  1. Login as with your current Microsoft Azure Administrator
  2. On the left panel go to Settings, choose Administrators
  3. Click Add and type your Microsoft Account email address and Assign your Azure Subscription
  4. Logoff
  5. Login using provided Microsoft Account
  6. You may need to wait up to 2-3 minutes before Active Directory shows up – try to refresh the page after few seconds
  7. Once you can see Active Directory you can follow the procedure described below to integrate another Azure AD Directory
  • Go to the Active Directory, choose NEW+.
  • You will have automatically selected App Services, Active Directory. Choose Directory, Custom Create.
  • Now you should be able to select Use Existing Directory.

TIP #3

Is there a way so that Enterprise Administrator will allow only chosen templates to be available to the selected users?

Yes, it there is an unmanaged templates attribute and description can be found in in the “How can I manage template distribution for the AD RMS Client 2.0?” section.

TIP #4

Is there any kind of hybrid for Azure RMS and AD RMS on premise?

You can use Azure RMS Connectors for your Exchange Server, SharePoint or File Server on premise to proxy (connect) them to AD RMS in the cloud. Read more here .

TIP #5

If you are looking for information on:

  • How to create, configure, and publish a custom template,
  • How to copy a template,
  • Refresh templates,
  • Exchange Online only: How to configure Exchange to download changed custom templates,
  • Office 2013 only: How to force a refresh for a changed custom template,
  • PowerShell commandlets .


TIP #6

Where can I get more information on RMS from? What are the most popular resources should I follow?

  1. First of all: Dan Plastina on Twitter (@TheRMSGuy),
  2. TechNet blog: ,
  3. Curah! F.e.
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  1. Thomas Lindahl

    Really great blog, kudos for sharing.
    Do you know if its possible to make the templates available in office web apps and office 365 for tablets?

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